Bill The Mule

Needs your help

Bill the Mule

UPDATED: 11/28/2017 Bill has a lot to be thankful for this year! Thanks to our supporters and donations, Bill is doing amazingly well! Watch the video below and see if it brings a tear to your eye like it did all of us here us.

Bill needs YOUR help! Bill was surrendered to us with an infection so bad in his hind left foot that he won't even put weight on it. Xrays here are showing how bad this infection truly is. His laminae, connective tissue holding his hoof together, has mostly deteriorated on the inside of his hoof. In order for us to determine if we can help Bill's situation we must do exploratory surgery to see if that tissue is getting blood flow or not. This surgery does not come at an easy price and will take the rest of our emergency funds while also putting us in the red zone of our account. We are reaching out to anyone who can donate $1,$5,$10, $20, ect- any and all amounts are appreciated! The surgery alone will cost anywhere from $2000-$2500. This is not including his sedatives, medications for post-op, board, or feed! (all of this will easily be pushing another $1500-$1700.) PLEASE if you can help us give this big guy a chance! He has spent his whole life working as hard as we can, it is time to give back to him! He needs a safe place to land and with us all pulling together- we can provide that for him. Its the least we can all do!

You can call our vet clinic direct to send donations or you can send to our paypal.

We appreciate any amount and remember - we are a recognized 501(c)3 by the IRS - meaning any donation is a tax write off!

More back story on Bill the Mule

Bill is a 12-13 year old draft mule who loved to work. He spent his days pulling carts for his owners, being ridden by the grandkids, and helping to plow land. Over this past year his family has fallen on hard times making it difficult for them to take care of Bill. In the last six months both of Bill's owners went through open heart surgery, and if that wasn't enough Bill developed a bad case of thrush in his hind left hoof. Due to their health situation, Bill's owners did the best they could to try to treat his thrush... But due to Houston's weather conditions it was always humid, muggy, and rainy- making it difficult to get the thrush under control. His owners began to feel not only the burden of their surgeries but the time, finances, and strain that taking care of Bill's foot was causing. They decided to surrender Bill to us in hopes that we could help him. As seen on the x-rays Bill is in very bad shape with very low chances of recovery. His lamina in his hoof has deteriorated an unspeakable amount. (Lamina is the connective tissue between the hoof and the coffin bone.) This condition is making his hoof extremely sensitive if not painful. We have started him on proper pain medication and as well as an aggressive round of antibiotics. Dr. Bitter from Argyle Veterinary Clinic is helping us make Bill as comfortable as possible while we work with an experienced farrier for his next step. Specially made shoes are in the works that will require being glued onto his hooves due to his hoof-wall being fragile. This will not only be a long recovery for Bill but an expensive journey.

We know a financial contribution of any amount is a big deal and we do not take that for granted! You can make a secure donation on paypal via our website. We are a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible. We value our loyal donors and want you to know exactly where the money is going. The generosity of people like you is the reason we can continue this life saving work, rehabilitating discarded animals and transitioning them into amazing family members. A small amount can go along way and help to save the lives of sweet mules like Bill.

This is Bill

An incredibly sweet draft mule